What is the Rising Sign?

The rising sign is the sign that is located along the eastern horizon in the sky at the moment you are born and is being born at that moment. It represents how you react to the outside world, how you are perceived by others and your general physical characteristics. This sign is a reflection of both your first impression and your immediately recognisable characteristics. However, it is a factor that affects not only your external reactions or appearance, but also your inner world, which energies you are more sensitive to and how you interpret your experiences in life. In other words, the rising sign is an element that determines how you express yourself and how you react to events in your life, as well as your outward face.


Why is the Rising Sign Important and at what age does it come into play?

Your rising sign is effective in the first years of your life. Some astrologers say that the effect of the rising sign increases after the age of 30. This means that the individual has fully adopted the characteristics of the rising sign. In the early years, we generally act with our sun sign, but as the age progresses, the characteristics of the rising sign become more prominent.

What are the Rising Sign Characteristics?

  • Rising Aries Features: If your rising sign is Aries, you have an energetic, brave and independent personality. On first impressions, you are perceived as a brave, leader and assertive person.


  • Rising Taurus Sign Features: Taurus rising usually have calm, reliable and decisive personalities. As a physical feature, they usually have a strong structure.


  • Rising Gemini Sign Features: If your rising sign is Gemini, it shows that you are a curious, lively and communicative individual. You are mostly young in appearance and have a mobile structure.


  • Rising Cancer Sign Features: Cancer rising have an emotional, protective and intuitive personality. They attach great importance to the concept of family and home. Physically, they usually have soft lines and a sensitive expression.


  • Rising Leo Features: If your rising sign is Leo, it shows that you are a born leader, charismatic and generous individual. On first impression, you are perceived as having a radiant, self-confident nature.


  • Rising Virgo Features: Virgo riisng have a detailed, meticulous and analytical structure. They reflect the outside world as an organised, hardworking and helpful person. Their physical features usually have a delicate and organised structure.


  • Rising Libra Features: Libra rising have a fair, elegant and social personality. They attach great importance to relationships and are usually in harmony with the people around them. Having an aesthetic appearance is also a common feature.


  • Rising Scorpio Features: It shows that you are a deep, intuitive and passionate individual. It can be said that a mysterious aura surrounds you. Those with this rising sign usually leave a strong and determined impression to those around them.


  • Rising Sagittarius Features: Sagittarius rising are adventurous, liberal and optimistic. Their philosophical aspects are strong and they constantly want to learn new things. They may have a tall and athletic build as a physical feature.


  • Rising Capricorn Features: Capricorn rising have a responsible, practical and disciplined structure. They are recognised as a reliable and decisive person in business life and social circles. They have a physically bony and distinct structure.


  • Rising Aquarius Sign Features: If your rising sign is Aquarius, it shows that you are an independent, innovative and original individual. They are known as a remarkable and extraordinary person in social circles.


  • Rising Pisces Features: Pisces rising are empathetic, sensitive and dreamy. They are known for their artistic and spiritual aspects. Physically, they usually have a round face and an innocent expression.


These rising sign characteristics combine with other factors in the birth chart to create your unique personality. With Astopia, you can learn these features in more detail and draw your own chart. Discover what the stars tell you with special comments and analyses in the application!


How to Find Rising Sign?

The rising sign depends on the date, time and place of birth. You can easily calculate your rising sign with Astopia’s special astrology application.


In Which House is the Rising Sign?

In astrology, the rising sign is always in the first house. The first house represents your personal characteristics, character and physical appearance. If you want to learn about other houses and what they mean to you, you can find out by reading our Astrological Houses Unveiled article!


What is the Difference Between Rising and Descendant Sign?

The rising sign is the sign that is located along the eastern horizon in the sky at the moment you are born, while the descending sign is the sign located along the western horizon. While the rising sign shows how you react to the outside world, the descending sign shows how you approach your relationships and the work you do together.


How to calculate the rising sign without knowing the time of birth?

Not knowing the time of birth makes it difficult to determine the exact rising sign. However, Astopia’s expert astrologers can use your date of birth and some other personal information to provide you with accurate and detailed information.


Find your Rising and more with Astopia

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