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"I cherish beauty and harmonize relationships."

Taurus Sign

Venus: I cherish beauty and harmonize relationships.

In astrology, Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and is generally considered to rule the period between 20 April and 20 May. I say usually because in some years the day can shift on these dates. Its representation as Taurus is related to the Greek myth of Zeus, who disguised himself as Taurus to kidnap Europa. Taurus is a fixed and earth element sign. Its colours are green and pale pink. The tarot card is the Saint. Its motto is 'mine'.

In health astrology, it symbolises the Taurus. In its negative effects, thyroid can give frequent angina or tonsil problems, neck hernia, neck flattening. In contrast to the playfulness of Aries, the typical Taurus personality loves the rewards of the game, physical pleasures and material wealth. If the duty of Aries is to initiate, the duty of Taurus is to protect the existing, to make it the most beautiful with patience. They know whether they have laboured enough or not by the product they receive, that is, by earthly performance indicators. How much have I saved? How much product or property do I have? Questions like these are their way of monitoring and evaluating themselves. Those born under this sign can go to extremes in terms of pleasurable pleasures.

Taurus is also touchy. Sensitive, stubborn but sensual. April is the time for organisation and personal development projects. The Taurus period of slowing down, awareness and doing our best to spend simple joyful moments with loved ones is the end of April and May. This urge to relax goes hand in hand with Taurus' energy. Because Taurus is an earth sign associated with being happy with the simplest pleasures of life and gravitating towards anything aesthetically appealing and comfortable. Most of these themes stem from the influence of Venus, the ruler of Taurus, the planet of love, beauty and money.

Thanks to their ruling planet Venus, Taurus is a feminine sign. It appreciates everything from music to dance to theatre, artistic and romantic enough to use candles, warm blankets, essential oils.

Considering that there are few people like Taurus who love luxurious scents, even long foreplay and good fabrics, I would say don't upset these hard-tempered people. Taurus' determined character, pragmatism, patience and love of luxury make them loyal, sincere and loving. The personality traits of Taurus, a fixed sign, are supportive. They devote themselves to their projects and relationships to the end.

Taurus is your favourite chef, your friend who is ready to listen to you, a concert buddy or the friend you can count on to plan the most unforgettable spa day. They can move at a snail's pace in romantic relationships. They may delay asking for your number. They may delay making plans for a second date, or it may take six months before it occurs to them to name the relationship.

Taurus, who doesn't like change and speed, drag their feet and say 'I'll do it when I'm ready'. This is what it means to be an earth element!

It takes all factors into consideration when making business decisions. He especially looks at whether the decision he will make guarantees his comfort and security. For example, is he career orientated enough or should he be more ambitious? Should he/she travel or save money for a house down payment? Because even if a Taurus is born poor, he/she dies rich.