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"I dream and mystify."

Pisces Sign

Neptune: I dream and mystify.

In astrology, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. And it usually rules the period between 19 February and 20 March. I say usually because in some years these dates can shift by one day.

After the Aquarius, which tries to ensure collective consciousness through reforms, the soul now comes to life in Pisces, ready to give up its own flesh to fully integrate with the collective and the creator.

Pisces is variable and water element. Its colours are white and purple. Tarot card is the moon. Its motto is 'I believe'.

In medical astrology, the feet rule the lymphs and liver. Negative effects can give health problems, bone fractures, hormone problems in these areas.

Pisces are extremely creative. They are also compassionate and loving. Their emotional aspects help them to be in harmony with others. But it also makes them vulnerable to criticism. It also causes them to worry too much about the effect their actions may have on others. At times they may tell white lies to please people in an effort to win the approval of others.

Pisces is known as the most sensitive sign of the Zodiac. He is willing to put his loved ones first before himself. I think any career that requires intuition and creativity is suitable for Pisces. I would also like to point out that counsellors and therapists are also suitable job options because Pisces are great listeners and have a high IQ.

They are the poets, musicians, painters, healers, mystics, psychics and intuitive counsellors in our society.

Since they don't want to have problems with people, Pisces may look at life through rose-coloured glasses and may not think that things will go badly. They should also recognise that conflict is a method of growth.

Sometimes, when they encounter unexpected realities, it may cause them to fall into bad habits such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. I suggest them to be careful about addictions.

Pisces are excellent friends, they see everyone as equal and believe that everyone deserves kindness and respect regardless of their circumstances. When Pisces fall in love, they live their feelings to the fullest and selflessly give themselves to their friends and partners to nurture this special bond.