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"I find love in balance and harmony."

Libra Sign

Venus: I find love in balance and harmony.

In astrology, Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. It usually rules the period between 22 September and 23 October. I say usually because in some years these dates can shift by one day. The symbol of Libra is based on the scales of justice held by Themis, the Greek personification of divine law and tradition.

Pioneer and air element. Its colours are ivory, pink and pale blue. The tarot card is justice. Its motto is 'empathy'. In health astrology, it symbolises the lower back and kidneys. Negative effects can also give health problems in this area. It is ruled by feminine Venus.

When the spirit that works and serves as if there is no tomorrow in Virgo comes to Libra, it aims to be one with its surroundings and to enjoy the beautiful and luxurious. While its opposite sign Aries represents me, Libra symbolises us. Relationships are very important for Libras who find balance in friendship. Libra is a humanitarian sign, related to the skin and this air sign largely cares about its physical appearance.

For a Libra, anything that combines luxury and care is a good way to relax. Even if Libras get angry, they do not hold grudges as they cannot sustain their anger. Being ruled by Venus, they typically believe that everyone is well-meaning and give most people extra chances. As a pioneering sign, they are great at starting new ventures. However, Libras struggle with indecision as they consider multiple perspectives on every issue. Instead of constantly seeking outside perspectives, it is wiser to develop and trust their own intuition.

Libras can adapt to almost any social environment. He can resolve conflicts effortlessly, even using only his personal charm. It carries social initiative, leadership qualities wonderfully. Pioneering social projects and meetings work wonders. She is naturally gifted at uniting her teams, families or communities. The loving healing balancing qualities of Venus come to life in him/her. This person is likely to have the ability to put others first on behalf of everyone's comfort and well-being. Great communicator and listener. He or she is sure to consider all sides of an argument and another person's point of view.

The blind spot in the Libra archetype may be that, being a natural compromiser, it is difficult to focus on oneself and one's own desires while constantly empathising with the other party.