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"I shine brightly and lead with pride."

Leo Sign

Sun: I shine brightly and lead with pride.

In astrology, Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac and usually rules the period between 21 July and 22 August. I say usually because in some years these dates can shift by one day. The Leo symbol is linked to Heratles, the lion of Nemea who was killed by Hercules.

The lion is fixed and fire element. Its colours are gold and orange. The tarot card is power. Its motto is 'I do'. In health astrology, it symbolises the heart and circulatory system. It can give heart problems in its negative effects. The spirit that realises the value of home and family in Cancer and finishes the domastic works is now ready to go out with Leo and conquer the world. The masculine Leo, ruled by the Fixed and the Sun, has the will to maintain what exists and is great at inspiring and leading their teams, as well as passionately devoting themselves to their projects. Lions can be considered the artists of the Zodiac who will boldly put themselves at the centre of any dynamic.

Leo is ruled by the dazzling sun, which rules life and vitality. The masculine sun never goes backwards and likewise Leos are famous for their stability, loyalty, consistency and not backing down. They are loyal friends and lovers. They put their heart into everything they do, which they rule in health astrology.

Lions love to watch their mate succeed until they feel threatened. When they begin to fear that their star power will be overshadowed, they can damage the relationship with their ego, pride and jealousy. It is important for Leos to remember that their own light will never be overshadowed by others and that someone else's success does not undermine their own. Ultimately, Lions' own arrogance is the greatest threat to their happiness.

Leos have a great sense of pride and loyalty. If you let them shine in your world, praise and admire them, they will be your friend for life. They are fond of their friends and loved ones as they are very confident and optimistic people. They are talented and self-confident. They can be overly dominant or self-centred if they are not careful. A Leo has to make time for active rest and empathy to balance their nature. The desire to be the centre of attention can make a Leo quite ruthless and self-interested. However, they should never forget the people who have supported their rise to success along their life path.

The deepest trap for the Leo can be their own arrogance and jealousy. Because he needs constant reassurance and attention from his beloved, he may be jealous and competitive about the affection of his beloved towards others. If you have a Leo child, start teaching them from an early age that there is enough love in the world for everyone and that everyone needs a chance to shine. Those born with strong Leo placements tend to be artists and express their fiery nature through sports and dance as well as active and daring art forms. Leo's connection with royalty and rulership ensures that those born under the sign of Leo will eventually become rulers. They are also very good with children. He will even be very successful in professions related to children.