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"I discipline and structure."

Capricorn and Aquarius Sign

Saturn: I discipline and structure.

In astrology, Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, usually rules the period between 22 December and 19 January. I say usually because in some years these dates can shift by one day.

There is a connection between the traditional characterisations of Capricorn as a sea goat and the Sumerian God of Wisdom and Water. Enki, known as EA in Akkadian and Babylonian mythology, was the god of intelligence, creation, craft. He was responsible for magic, water, sea water and lake waters.

In Sagittarius the soul, now much more logical after having tasted philosophies and exaggeration to the fullest, is subject to human achievement and limitations. Capricorn is the pioneer and earth element. His colours are brown and khaki. The tarot card is the devil. His motto is 'I use'.

In health astrology, it symbolises knees, joints, bones and skin. Negative effects can give health problems, bone fractures, joint problems in these areas.

Ambition, rules, structure and obligation. Thanks to these characteristics, Capricorn rules the tenth house of the charts, representing career, public image and duty. It is a sign that mobilises you and makes you an adult, forcing you to struggle with the world.

Although Capricorn is famous for being overly serious, they are actually very good parties after working very hard. These qualities make Capricorn someone who wants to be strong and dominant in the world, such as a CEO or manager.

Capricorns can sometimes stress both themselves and those around them by taking everything too seriously. Therefore, if he spares time for entertainment as well as work, he will have a marvellous balance.

They are extremely successful, persistent, practical and sensitive. They are known for their hard work and although they devote a lot of time and care to their careers and relationships, they are skilful at making success look like something very easy.

Thanks to their 'can-do' attitude, they are strong enough to manage a company and a household at the same time. Capricorns are notorious leaders who demand the best. If you have a Capricorn boss, you will get more than enough if you work hard. For this reason, Capricorns are very good CEOs and business managers. He gives everything to advance in their careers. Progresses with successful steps. Whatever they do, they will be the best.