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"I reflect emotions and comfort."

Cancer Sign

Moon: I reflect emotions and comfort.

In astrology, Cancer, the fourth sign of the Zodiac, usually rules the period between 21 June and 20 July. I say usually because in some years these dates can shift by one day. The symbol of Cancer comes from the myth of Carcino. Karkinos was a giant crab who came to Hydra's aid in his battle with Heracnes. The hero, of course, crushed it underfoot. But as a reward for his service, the goddess Hera placed him among the stars as a crab constellation.

Ruled by the Moon, symbolising motherhood and femininity, the sensitive, emotional, pioneering water sign is the sign of the Zodiac responsible for home, roots, genetic transmission, family and real estate. Its colours are white and silver. The tarot card is the chariot. Its motto is 'I feel'.

In health mythology, it symbolises the stomach, brain and chest. In its negative effects, it can give discomforts related to these organs, especially reflux and indigestion. For many of us, the first four weeks of summer, the Cancer season, is spent with family and friends on a beach, picnicking and snacking on our loved ones. This period is influenced by Cancer, a water sign whose sensuality is associated with appreciating the simple pleasures of life, especially food and family.

These characteristics are owed to the Moon, the ruling celestial body of Cancer, which not only influences the tides, not only by the force of gravity, but also directs our emotions and intuition, our sense of safety, security and instincts.

The human soul, saturated with the outer world with Gemini, realises with Cancer the value of home, roots, family, babies and the abundance of shared food. Because the emotional, maternal Moon influences Cancer's personality so intensely, these people prioritise making many in their lives feel safer at the expense of their own comfort. They give their hearts to their loved ones as well as plants and pets.

Cooking meals and treats with great love is their speciality. You can make them very happy with a sentimental card, a bouquet of flowers or video calls. Although they always value their friends, family comes first for them. With their caring, sweet, deep personalities and offbeat sense of humour, you can count on Cancerians as a shoulder to cry on and a source of freshly baked cookies.

They are the carers of the Zodiac. They're there for you on your worst day with warm-hearted conversations over a hot cup of tea. They are the thoughtful, emotional friend you can count on for uninterrupted cuddle sessions and unconditional emotional flow. If they often praise their loved ones, dream of the perfect summer day by the sea, and have already chosen names for their future children, they are probably a Cancer. Cancers flirt, they show their feelings.

He has a lot of love to give you and has probably been dreaming of his ideal partners and, accordingly, home life since childhood. Their happy place is their home. That's why it's so romantic for them to find someone who fits into their domestic world. If you hope to build a future with Cancer, you should get along well with his loved ones and appreciate the simple pleasures you can enjoy in the comfort of home.