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"I am assertive and drive action."

Aries Sign

Mars: I am assertive and drive action.

In astrology, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is generally considered to rule the period between 21 March and 19 April. I say usually because in some years these dates can shift by one day. The Aries symbol can be identified with the Egyptian God Amon and the Golden-faced Ram of Greek mythology. It is a pioneer and a sign with the element of fire. The colours are red and mustard. The tarot card is the emperor. It symbolises the head in health astrology. It can also give its negative effects to problems such as head injuries, blood pressure, migraine. Aries is a sign ruled by Mars and represents the first house

Its motto is “me”. Because as the first sign of the Zodiac, it gives the person the task of recognising and prioritising himself/herself. In other words, you see a little bit of my first understanding in Aries. Starting life like a child with no experience and deciding what to do by trying everything is exactly an Aries behaviour. They love to start something new. But can they complete it? I am not very sure. The ability to complete depends on whether there is a fixed sign in their chart.

An Aries is never afraid of innovation. Since it is a pioneering sign, it walks fearlessly towards the unknown. Aries is like a kind of pied piper, a ball of energy and dynamism that leads people with its charm and charisma.

Why is Aries a masculine sign? E because it is ruled by Mars. The characteristics of Aries are derived from active, masculine, yank qualities and enable this sign to assertively engage with the outside world.

As an ascendant, sun or moon sign, Aries is born with the influence of the god of war. It carries its energy like the power of rebirth in spring. Ruled by Mars, the red planet of war, this sign is always ready for a fight. A very good trait, especially in emergency situations where quick disposition is required. However, in cases where the risks are not so high, this feature may appear as belligerence in daily life. Speaks without censorship. He gets angry, then forgets why he got angry. His anger is like a straw flame.

They think that everything is a game they can win, and their sense of competition is quite high. Easily bored by unnecessary dramas and long meetings. Since they believe that they do not need guidance, they go to astrologers or psychologists only when their loved ones force them to.

Aries are generally known as fearless heroes. Of course, it is not quite right to say that Aries is fearless. Of course, he is afraid like everyone else. But they are brave. He takes action despite his fear. He always tries to overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

Although very individualistic, this person can also be very loyal. He sees his friends as fellow soldiers with whom he will fight shoulder to shoulder in the difficulties of life. You can rely on your Aries friend to defend you, protect you, encourage you, strengthen you and even make difficult conversations on your behalf.

This sign, which we have always known for their courage, determination and boundless energy, leaves its mark in every aspect of life. Remember, an Aries is always mobilised not only to overcome their fears, but also to stand by their loved ones.