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About Us

Welcome to Astopia! This is an astrology application designed to help your personal development and self-discovery by making an astrological chart of your birth moment and to guide you on your personal journey by discovering the mysteries of the stars.

We guide you on your astrological journey by offering detailed birth chart analysis based on date, time and place of birth, daily horoscopes, personal meditation and wellness suggestions. By combining the thousands of years of wisdom of astrology with the unique details of your birth moment. We are here to help you get to know yourself better and illuminate your path in life.

Personalised Astrology Experience

Astopia's special birth chart, based on the magical combinations of the day, time and place of your birth, reveals the secrets of your character, talents and life path. With daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes prepared for you every day, it allows you to catch the rhythm of your life.

And there is even more! With its personal meditation guide and wellness suggestions, it supports both your mental and spiritual development. With Astopia, you will embark on a holistic journey of development and discovery at every step.

Discover Compatibility!

With "Astopia Compatibility" you can compare your astrological profile with your friends, loves or well-known personalities, understand where they are in their lives and discover the astrological connections between you. In addition to adding depth to your relationships, this feature will help you better understand the cosmic ties that bind us to each other.

Astopia is here for you to make a journey in harmony with your own self. Are you ready to discover yourself and live in harmony with the universe?

Celestia, your Celestial Guide

Celestia is a mysterious and wise guide who will accompany you on your journey. Celestia, who has a deep understanding of celestial observations and human nature, presents astrological information in a special way. Whether you are looking for clarity in your daily decisions or on a spiritual journey, Celestia's guidance will help you better understand yourself and the universe.