The Sky Has Something To Tell You...

I know you better than you...

Your road map is hidden in your birth chart!

How do other people see you? What are your potentials and opportunities? To have in-depth knowledge about yourself and learn more, your special birth chart is in Astopia!

I'll be good to you.

Astopia measures your daily mode and offers you special ritual and meditation suggestions. Astopia is the friend you need with affirmation and motivational phrases!

I will be your guide as you start the day.

You can read the daily horoscope comments, get an idea at the beginning of the day, and examine the flow of the week in Astoria!

I've got the answers to your questions.

Your relationship, your career, your goals, your education… Whatever you wonder about life, expert astrologers are waiting for you at Astopia to give your answers!

The Pole Stars of Astopia

Ecem Kızıltoprak
Our Life Coach Ecem has been training herself in Holistic Life, Coaching, Healthy and Holistic Nutrition and many other fields for nearly 10 years and shares the knowledge with her followers with different counseling models. She helps you improve your quality of life with the comprehensive content she provides.
Merve Işın Akşahin
Our Life Coach Merve was born in 1988 in Istanbul. She graduated from Işık University Industrial Engineering and received her master’s degree from ITU Business Administration. She received her first training in her field in 2014. She graduated from Hakan Kırkoğlu’s Wisdom of the Sky School in 2019 and received a diploma. She received its horary certificate in 2019.
Selin Kasar
Our Life Coach Selin was born in 1992 in Istanbul. She graduated from YTU English Economics Department in 2015 and focused on personal development while working in the auditing and banking sectors for 7 years. Defending that it is necessary to feed the soul first, she preferred to devote herself to development in the field of karma and healing.